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A Unique All-In-One Program to Build your Online

Business from scratch to 7 figure

A step by step program to starting and growing a coaching empire!

*Do you long for a meaningful career?
*Do you long to earn the income you deserve?
*Would you love to create something once and sell it forever?
*Would you love to coach one day a week?
*Do you want to wake up to payments that come in while you are sleeping?
*Do you want to earn money coaching clients one day a week?
* Are you ready to earn an income that blows your mind?
* Do you find yourself thinking this sounds like your dream career?…


Then you landed in the right place!

You’ll have significant flexibility to create your career around the things that are important to you. No mater what’s important to you, you can build your coaching practice around it.


This program is perfect for you!

✔ Making money as a Life Coach
✔ Making money by creating and selling digital courses
✔ Selling, promoting and launching both your businesses

This course was made for you. Invest in your future and invest in yourself.

How to even BEGIN – where to begin creating your business.

How much to charge for your services, products, programs – How to grow a business, call in an audience who are with you for the long run! Are you ready for this beautiful journey to begin? It’s time to know that the time is always now and I am here to show you how!


What you get once you enroll:



Building your Blueprint
This is where we get clear on who you are
What you do
Zoning in on who is your ideal client
What kind of coach do you want to be and who do you want to help



Coaching Skills
Getting ready for a session
What to do in a session.
4 Techniques to use in your session
Where to hold your sessions
The different types of coaching styles to help you choose yours
How to price your coaching packages
Removing Limiting beliefs
A sample script for your free consultation
A client questionnaire for your website


Digital Courses

How to create a digital course,
Forming modules
Take your unique process, skillset, or system and turning it into a digital course
Formatting, Hosting and Delivery
Pricing your courses
Getting ideas for a course
The problem you solve creating Structuring your modules
We’ll cover options for hosting and delivering your courses
A reference guide
Terms and conditions of purchase


Branding + Sales Page + E-mails

How to infuse your unique personality into your marketing, sales pages, emails and posts
10 Brand strategies
Creating beautiful sales pages that sell
How to create freebie opt-ins
Ideas for freebie opt-ins
Strategies for growing your email list
The eight things every sales page must have to generate sales
The 7 Steps to constructing a perfect email that gets attention
Growing your audience from zero to millionaire
My Best 35 strategies to growing your audience
Creating a social media calendar
A 21-Day social media calendar done for you
Ideas for social media posts
How to do webinars
Over 10 places to add your freebie opt-in to grow your email list


Selling and Launches

The energetic parts of a launch
What to do during a launch
Where, what, and how often you post.
When to and what to say in the email. How often you send emails.
How you can repurpose everything
This is my entire launch strategy beginning to end.
5 ways to launch the same course and keep your income going
Sell your course before it’s even created
Promoting and selling. How to tell everyone about your offer and why they need it without being uncomfortable
Creating funnels and automated systems that last year after year
A 21 Day Launching calendar blueprint step-by-step


I decided I was going to begin a coaching business. I kept spreading my message, doing all the things I knew to do! I learned a lot of things the long way, I learned a lot of things the hard way. From there, I gained one-on-one coaching clients! Then I raised my prices and the clients kept coming!

I was able to quit my job and support myself as a Money and Business Coach. More and more ladies wanted to work with me and my business took off.

Over time, I began to help others start and grow their own coaching businesses. Then, I had so many ladies who wanted my help starting their own online businesses — that I created this program.

Today, I am the creator of Gratefully Rich, a business mentor and digital course creator for spiritual female entrepreneurs.

While a lot has changed in the time since I started my business, the concepts in this course are largely
the foundation of the business that I own today. I am so excited to help you start and grow your business.

My clients had a lot of theories around why their online businesses weren’t working. Some believe their price must be the problem.

The price isn’t the problem

Some believe they must not be on the right social media platform.

The platform isn’t the problem

Some people believe their audience isn’t big enough.

The audience size isn’t the problem
(Everyone starts with zero followers).

The problem was they didn’t have an energetic process. The energetic parts of running your business are just as important, if not more, than the practical action parts of running your business. So in this course I mix both.

** Pricing Your Packages
** 10 Brand Strategies
** Your Website
** Marketing And Promoting
** Getting Your Business Automated
** How To Create Digital Courses
** 13 Places To Put Your Opt-In Forms
** Great Strategies For Growing Your Email List
** 7 Steps To Constructing Emails That Get Attention
** 4 Techniques To Use In Your Sessions
** The Energetic And Practical Ways To Run Your Business
** where to promote

ways to create products to sell
how to do money making webinars


Marketing Blueprint first month in business

Bonus 1
Instagram Famous

Bonus 2
21 Day Done For You Social Media Calendar

Bonus 3
21 Launch Calendar

Bonus 4
Coaching Agreement

Bonus 5
Manifest OneK

Bonus 6.
Client Agreement

Bonus 7
A client script


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DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee results of increased income.  Because this is a digital product, there are no refunds. By enrolling in the program you are agreeing to the standard terms and conditions.