Treat Money Like Your Soulmate


        Seeing money as your soulmate




What if you treated money like your significant other?

What if you loved money unconditionally and money loved YOU unconditionally back?

What if money was ALWAYS there for you? And never runs out?


What if your love for money was as easy as loving your soulmate?

What if you and money had an easy relationship?

I want you to think about how you currently feel

& treat money…

~ Do you resent money and hold it responsible for your current reality?

~ Do you believe money makes you selfish?

~ Do you believe hard work and long hours are the only way to attract money into your life?

~ Do you have ZERO trust in money because it’s always running out?

~ Do you feel frustrated that you never have enough money?

How strong do you think your relationship with your soulmate would be if you felt the same way about them as you do about money?

Money is one of the most important relationships in your life, so why aren’t you treating it like one? 

Money should feel just like the most loving relationships in your life.


It should feel……








It should not feel like…..







I want you to feel EXCITED about paying bills,


I want you to let yourself DREAM and imagine a life where you have a limitless supply of money.

How would you spend it? 

Who would you help? 

Would you buy a car? A house?

Would you take your parents on a luxurious vacation? 

Would you buy your kids everything you wish you had as a child? 

What epic experiences would you invest in?

~ Break every single rule you’ve ever learned about money so that you can create the life that YOU desire

~ Create your own rules and follow those rules.

~ Pay attention and pinpoint exactly how you might be repelling money and what disempowering money beliefs have been holding you back. Literally, anything that says you can’t have it or limits you, is a limiting belief.




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