How To Grow Your Life Coaching Business

Grow your Life-Coaching Business Faster and Bigger

So life coaching had been calling me for a while before I ever headed in that direction.

I figured if I could just learn how to make a website and get followers then I could surely get people to hire me to be their life coach.

I knew nothing about coaching or marketing or websites or growing a community. I knew nothing about sales. I knew nothing about business.

I just knew I had a gift and I had to figure out how to share it.

I didn’t know one single person in the world who believed in this stuff. I didn’t know any life coaches.

I did my best creating my first website, it was a mess. My videos and blogs were a mess, I repeated myself over and over…but I didn’t care. (Well I kind of cared). But my self consciousness was nothing compared to the exhilarating passion I felt moving through me creating this wonderful Business.

I knew even then, if I focused on perfection I would never do it. It’s o.k. and frankly, more than good enough, to put out what I create without editing everything.

To be the real me. Crazy, messy, unsure.

And I made it. I did. I am here. Thank you God.

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I’m constantly blown away with what I get paid to do, and how much I earn. I am constantly blown away by how the universe brings things to me and how it works.

But the process would have gone a lot faster had I invested in myself sooner. If I could do it over again, I would have invested in programs from people who had been there and done that a lot sooner. I would have hired a business coach who knew the personal development world a lot sooner. I would have hired an assistant from day one.

There were way to many months of not knowing what to do next, how to get clients, and how to charge more. Where to go from here.

Like so many of you, I had a ton of money blocks. “Who am I to hire someone? How can I afford that, it’s so expensive!

Slowly, but surely, I chose be grateful for everything in my world. I dropped every limiting belief about why I couldn’t do this work, why I didn’t have what it takes, and why I couldn’t afford to pay people and everything I needed showed up. I hired the people who I needed help from, I signed up for courses that served me, and I followed my heart. Until I made it.

You have SO much in you to give thats yet to be uncovered. You have everything in you necessary to do your part to change your life


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