How to feel your desires!

Having trouble convincing yourself to feel the feelings of your desire?

You hear it all the time, in the metaphysics and Manifestation world. An important part of the manifestation process is feeling the feelings of your desire – now. Before it has even shown up.

“You have to feel it first before you get it!”,
“Feel it, really feel it”.

But, this is HARD!

It’s almost impossible as a human being to just say “okay universe, I know you’ll bring this money to me – I’m gonna trust you now!” – and then just be on with life.

It doesn’t often happen that way. Why? Because we’ve been brought up with certain belief systems.

Going through life we learned to play it safely with our emotions. We don’t believing you have things until you REALLY have them. You don’t celebrate because that, might be too early and things might crumble.


The universe doesn’t deliver until you feel the feeling of having that thing!

And so when I manifested having my own business that financially supports me, I can tell you that I manifested it because I felt like I already had it before I even started.

So surely you know when you’ve had an experience just like this. When did you feel certainty you had something – and gotten it?
Your job is to tap into that all elusive feeling!

Journal prompt: recall a time that you manifested something because you were certain it was yours – describe that feeling!


The second thing that makes it really tricky to “feel the feelings” is not being convinced it’ll work – in order to overcome this, we have to understand the laws. Here we go: feelings create experiences. If you feel certain you’ll manifest the money, (and you take inspired action) it’s only a matter of time before the money reaches you. Meanwhile, you’re afraid of feeling the money here now because you’re afraid of it not coming? But did we not just
say that when you feel the feelings of money – emotions create physical reality shifts – and so you would HAVE to HAVE THE MONEY IF YOU FELT THE FEELINGS?! So you might as well feel the feelings – plus it makes the journey a WHOLE lot more fun and enjoyable rather than sitting in worry that it’s “not happening” – which, by the way, would create results of it… not happening. *stares at you*


Okay so you’re probably then thinking – but, I’m still afraid of it not working out.

If you’re still afraid – go worst case scenario: it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t work out. The worst case scenario is you stay where you are right now.

But it only wouldn’t work out for 2 reasons: you didn’t actually feel these feelings OR you don’t really believe it’s yours.

FEELING THE FEELINGS – This is how I feel it before I have it. Let’s say I want a thousand dollars.

1) I act like it’s in your hand right now, what’s your first reaction? Me? I would scream “oh my god, it’s here, I’m touching it” and feel exited, so I do that now.

2) I would find my top 2 emotions for a thousand dollars and feel those every day till the money comes. Like secured, freedom, excited, fun, cared for,

3) I will script my story of enjoying my thousand dollars as if it already happened.

4) I will do a gratitude rampage of what I love about a thousand dollars, what I loved to buy, why I want it, how fun 1K is to me.

I hope this has been useful to you, until next time…….

I love you ❤




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