How To Create A Share-Worthy Life Coaching Blog

Managing a blog today is not easy. You have to carefully consider your content and make sure it’s interesting and unique enough to be read and shared. You also have to pay close attention to your audience and write about what they’ll be interested in reading. 


Here are 7 tips to a share-worthy blog.


1.  Write stories that come from your unique perspective and experiences and relate that to how you help your clients. 


2.  Your topics don’t have to have anything to do with life coaching, they can just be things that interest you. By starting with what interests you, your content stands out.  


3. How you package the article, is just as important as what you say in the article — and something many coaches with blogs neglect.


4. Include social media buttons. You can add the button to the top of your article, before you get into the content, you can have a social media share bar. The bar can say “Share this blog”.


5.  Include a free offer at the bottom of all posts. At the bottom of your article you can add an  offer for a free mini session.


6. Respond to blog comment  By responding to comments, you make your articles more engaging and it builds a community around your content. Your fans are more likely to share articles that you engage with.


7. Put more free offers on the sidebar. You can have different free offers on your sidebar. People respond to different things, so having different free offers makes sense. The purpose of all of these free offers is to collect email addresses and contact information of potentially interested customers. 


I hope this was helpful. 


❤️ you all,


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