Are You Feeling Left Behind In Life?

Does it feel like most of the world is moving forward in excitement of their goals, beginnings, hope, accomplishments, but your still writing the same old tired goals, in the same spot as last year.

For all of you out there who are feeling like they are a little bit behind in their lives.

Then keep reading because I have 5 tips for you that will help you see that you really aren’t behind in life and there is still so much going for you! The best is only YET to come.

It truly does not matter how old you are. I don’t care if you’re 18 and reading this or if you’re 86 and reading this. You have a LOT to look forward to in life and I am so excited to share with you my tips on how to feel less “behind” when that feeling strikes us at the most unexpected moments.

1. Hit the unfollow button.

In a social media crazy world, we can’t help but to scroll through Instagram or our Facebook timelines,
and come across friends, family, or even strangers who appear to be so much further ahead of us in life.

Little do we know, they’re only posting on social media their highlight reels and keep everything else
about their lives in the dark. The illusion that others have it better than us through the social media lens
makes us very unhappy. It starts the comparison game immediately, and as we all know… comparison is the THIEF of all joy.

Open up your phones and hit the “unfollow” button on anyone that makes you feel unworthy. I don’t care if it’s your best friend, sister, or the supermodel you’re obsessed with following. If every time you scroll past their updates you feel unworthy and behind in your life, it’s time to take some sort of action. It’s one thing to follow someone on social media whose posts inspire you, motivate you, and make you feel really positive. I certainly follow plenty of those. But the day I purposely unfollowed certain social media accounts that made me feel less than, I became SO much happier. And I promise that you will too!

2. Accept your divine timing.

Everything happens in its divine and perfect timing.

Your life, up until now, has happened in its perfect timing. If any of the events of your life took any faster
or any slower, you would NOT be the same person that you are today. You would not have the same
family you have today, the same spouse you have today, or the same life you have today.

And even if your life isn’t exactly where you want it to be, the dreams that you have for yourself are taking
the time they need to manifest to fulfill your divine timing.

Appreciate who you are today wherever you are today and know that it is coming.

3. Look back at the last 5 years and marvel at how far you’ve come.

I bet that if you really thought about where you were just 5 years ago, you wouldn’t even recognize yourself. You have grown so much. You have made so many changes in your life. You have overcome so many challenges that seemed to be impossible in the moment. You have evolved in so many ways.

You have accomplished so much in your life in the last 5 years.

Reflect on how far you’ve come and really appreciate the moments. You have moved forward which means that you are going to continue to move forward. There is still so much ahead of you and 5 years from now you’ll look back at your life now and think to yourself “wow, I have come so far in the last 5 years!”

My favorite quote to keep me going during these rough times is “the best is yet to come.” And you wanna know the great news behind thinking you’re behind? If you’re behind every one else, then you have even MORE to look forward to 😉

Your best laughs?

Your best moments?

Your best memories?

Your best accomplishments?

They are still only YET to come! How exciting is that?

4. Quiet your mind & center yourself.

It’s so easy to get overstimulated in our digital world today.

I CAN agree that sometimes the stimulation is too much. We have to unplug from time to time otherwise we hardly stay grounded. GET OF THE GRID!

Whenever I go into nature, meditate, or intentionally center myself in other ways, I immediately become happier. Doing this allows me to shift back into the present moment where I am reminded that life is beautiful and the only goal I should have on my daily list is to follow my joy.

I know that if I follow my joy, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be behind in my life. There is no finish line for following joy!

5. Do this google search: “Successful people who found success later in life.”

You’ll come across hundreds of articles showing you examples of wildly successful people who found success much later in life.

Train your subconscious mind by surrounding yourself with PROOF that your goals/dreams are possible. This is another tip that will work wonderfully for you.

By proving your ego wrong and proving your soul right, you will break down all limitations on why success can’t be for you too. And that it truly doesn’t matter if you’re on step 1 or step 98. What matters is that you are on you way. You are doing your absolute best.

You are on your way.

It is all happening in your PERFECT timing.

You are not behind.

You are exactly where you need to be,

You deserve some self love this weekend. Reward yourself instead of beating yourself up for once. It will raise your vibration and show the Universe that you are ready for the next step. You are ALREADY a success. It’s time to celebrate!

Much Love❤


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