Are You Afraid Of Being Happy?


            Are you afraid of being Happy?      




For some people being happy is too much to handle, some develop a fear of happiness at a very young age and grow-up to live a life of apprehension and insecurity. 

For those who were taught to expect chaos and conflict, it can be difficult to understand the difference between happiness and hardship. It becomes second nature for them to expect that any kind of comfort or happiness could be taken away from them in the blink of an eye. So they don’t expect happiness, as a matter of fact, they fear happiness.


As a result…


*  You become your own worst enemy.


*  You repeat the same story with jobs and relationships year after year.


*  You ultimately sabotage good things coming to you with fear. 


*  You long for stability and security .


*  You procrastinate over simple actions that you know, make big differences. 


*   You look for problems where there haven’t any and ignored the ones staring at you in the face.


*  You  place yourself in stupid situations.


*   You lose your temper with people around you.


*   You act out of habit rather than listening to your own intuition telling you to walk away or do something different.


*  You feel vulnerable and frightened when anything good enters your life.


Why do we keep falling victim to these cruel thoughts and patterns that want to relentlessly punish us with their horror stories?  Because all it’s doing is causing us to run away from opportunities of real happiness.


what can we do about it?


I’ll tell you what got me through the worst 

hamster-wheel-rollar-coaster- ride-of-my-life!


Starting and faithfully maintaining a daily gratitude practice. 


*  It taught me to make peace with my childhood.


*  It  showed me how to forgive everyone, including myself.


*  It helped me to let go of the resentment, shame and guilt.


*  It allowed me to leave the past in the past. 


*  It brought me stability and balance. 


*  It brought me inner-peace and inner-joy.


*  Your relationship with yourself will become one based on trust and respect.


*  You will embrace fun, freedom and give yourself permission to laugh, be silly, taking the time to be present.


 *  You will know that no matter you’re going to be okay. 


We can spend our lives chasing happiness or we can actually allow happiness into our lives right now. True happiness and success come from understanding that right now is the only thing that matters—the thoughts you are thinking, the words you are speaking, the actions you are taking right now!


You are creating your story for yourself right now in this moment. And you can change the script and  the storyline, anytime you like. You can assign yourself the role you really want and actually become it. You don’t have to wait for someone else to make that decision for you. Your life can be whatever you want it to be. 


So all the heartaches see them as medals you’ve earned. See them as success stories of strength, character and faith, because it’s what brought you to where you now stand. 


You are the writer of your own story, so make it a good one.

You are the star who brings your story to life. So see this moment as a blank page for you to make your mark!    








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