3 Habits That Are Slowing Your Business Growth

Hi everyone,

 Todays I’m going to share with you, 3 habits that are slowing down your business growth 


Habit 1  

watching what other people are doing. This causes you to waste lots of time online, it causes you to feel pressure to do things others are doing, it causes you to feel like you’re behind and as good as everyone else so you feel not good enough and your self-worth lowers. Everyone has a strategy of what you should be doing, how you should be doing it and when it should be done. You don’t have to do anything like anyone else to make money in your business, just listen to your heart, listen to your instinct. Stay busy doing your thing to grow,  that you don’t have time to see what anyone else is doing.


Habit 2.  

Copy cat syndrome. Your unique personality is what sets you apart from everyone else, it can’t be copied, so when you  impersonate someone else, you’re not fooling anyone. Find your voice and show-up as the real YOU.  You’re good enough right now, you don’t need to model someone else, you don’t need to speak like someone else, you don’t need to write like someone else. The world wants the real you because the real you is more than enough. 


Habit 3

Not having tunnel vision  You need to have tunnel vision in your business for the purpose of not getting distracted. Not paying attention to what others are doing and for staying in your creative genius state.


❤️  you,



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