Money Crash Course

I would love to invite you to join us!

* Does this sound like you? …..

* Struggling to keep your financial life going only to remain in the same place, year after year?

* Do you feel like there’s never enough money?

* Do you feel paralyzed with fear that your money will run out?

* Do you feel overwhelmed with paying your bills?

* Are you drowning in debt?

* Do you feel like you don’t get this manifesting stuff?

* Do you feel like your missing something?

* Do you do a billion affirmations and rituals only to remain where
you started?

Imagine this for just a moment….

You’ve made money a non-issue for you and those you love the

When bills come in the mail, you don’t even bat an eye before
paying them.

You just walked out of the dealership with the keys to your dream
car in hand.

Your relationship with money is so good, it can’t help but pour into
your life from every direction.


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Manifest Onek

on my Money Crash Course

Are you ready to learn my formula to manifesting
$20K in 100 days?

Who doesn’t want $20K?

Are you ready to do what you want, when you want because
money isn’t an issue?

Wouldn’t you love to have enough money……….

What you say, think and believe about money is the very reason
you struggle with money. The money that you have has very little
to do with how hard you work. It has everything to do with the
mindset you have!

The Money Crash Course

4 week program
A step by step formula to manifesting $20K
what’s included:

** A step by step exact process to manifesting $20 thousand dollars
** blueprints
** tool kits
** daily rituals
** Actions to take now.
** Raise your self-love work
** Your self-worth work.
** The energetic match to money.
** Tools to staying in high energy and alignment
** Clean up your vibration so you don’t repeat yesterday’s money story. Don’t be available for poverty.
** calling In your money
** Getting out of the way My number one secret to getting myself out of the way long enough for it to get to me.
** How to speed up the process
** get passed your shame, guilt, embarrassment
** Removing codependent, needy, desperate, energetic mess you have with your money
** Limiting beliefs NO AFFIRMATION to changing limiting beliefs. My way is faster and effortless.
** I will show you how to become a master manifestor.
** completely transform your relationship with money**

Bonus:  Journald your way rich
Bonus:  How to use this system to double your money and speed up the process.
Bonus: Vibrational Match to money Blueprint
Bonus: Manifest OneK Video

I will help you get there quicker and smoother.
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Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share my personal practices around  manifesting money. It’s up to you to do the work.This digital course contains everything I know and tested on manifesting money.I believe in this work and these principals deeply. However, I don’t guarantee results or increased income.