Your past does not determine your future. It doesn’t matter if you have lived in poverty, struggle, guilt and shame around money your entire life .

You can turn it around.  All it takes to change is the decision  to change.  The decision that you deserve to have money support you.

Your life is not predetermined. You get to change your reality and money. You  get to write your own story.

Take back your power and control . Don’t just exist, instead, live in love, wealth and passion.

Write your new story of living in overflow with money.  Pay attention and remove things stopping you from getting there.

Care enough to change your circumstances.  Let today be the day that you turn your life around..

Your money is only a reflection of your beliefs. You control what you believe.

** Choose  to believe that you are a match to wealth.

** Choose to see how powerful you are.

** Choose to see your influence in your reality.

** Choose something different.

** It’s as simple as making a decision over and over until it becomes your new belief system and you start attracting from the opposite end of where you are now.

** Its time to rewire and retrain your mindset around money.

**It’s time to get clear on what you want and to Pay attention and remove  everything in your way of having it.

**Raise your confidence and certainly in your relationship and experience with money.

**It’s time to understand better what is driving your money behavior, patterns and story.

** Live life from a mindset of love and gratitude and watch your reality change.


If I could only give you one tool to start changing your life that would have the biggest affect on your reality, that tool would be

A Love and Gratitude daily practice.

Gratitude removes  blocks, struggles, hardships, and bad relationships,.

It improves your finances, confidence, motivation, and a deep love for life.

Gratitude rewires your belief system and deepens your ability to believe and trust.

It puts you in a surrender state of allowing and gets you out of your own way.

Gratitude opens the door to money and removes what’s blocking your path. 

Incorporating a gratitude practice into your life is the best decision that you can make